Prinicpal Characters and Pilot Cast:

Ella – Jake’s Student and Justin’s sister / Brittany Card
Ella is very impressionable and vulnerable.  She is sensitive to everything that is going on in her life. She is from a family of high achievers and is the last on the totem pole. She has the ability and the guts to get to Grand Prix level and she has the horse Doctor Jay, who could get her there.  She is as crazy about horses as she is about life and one of the coolest kids in the barn even though she doesn’t realize it. She is gorgeous.

Jake – The Trainer / Roger Van Doorene
Jake is aloof from all the drama at the barn. He is the father figure and level-headed.  He is charming - good looking ... the authority in the barn.  He's not afraid to call a spade a spade.  He has his own money and is doing this because he enjoys the altruism of the sport.  Both the single and married mothers love him ... and his girlfriend is all too aware.

Sarah, - Jakes’s Student and Carrie’s daughter / Libby Smallbone
Sarah has become Ella’s best friend and both of them are very competitive. Sarah was one of Roger’s first students whom Roger worked really hard with to get to the high standard of riding she has achieved. She is very stubborn, like her mother, and believes her mother is the best thing that ever happened to her. Little does she understand that she is more of the mother in the household.  Sarah can ride almost anything and has the patience to do it. She wants to ride Grand Prix and open a barn with Ella. She is very striking, a fighter and is passionate about what she believes in.

Jenny – Ella’s Mother / Tabitha Warren

Is preoccupied with kids and daily tasks that have kept her from having a full relationship with Ricky her husband.  She has self-esteem issues and is open to Bryan’s flirtations (her lawyer and old school friend). Jenny suspects that Ricky is having a fling with his assistant at work. Ricky suspects that she’s having a fling with Bryan her lawyer ... Jenny dresses how she feels whenever ... you never know what she’ll be wearing.

Davie – A student and Grandson of Queenie / Barret Overmeyer
Davie doesn't know whether he can live up to Queenie’s expectations or not. He is a dreamer. He is a little nervous of the horse situation and has to take his time to get to know his horse Rosie … his way. Davie always comes armed with an arsenal of treats to persuade Rosie to be nice to him. He is extremely sensitive and when things go wrong he takes it personally. He has just discovered the girl of his dreams, Lily, and needs advice (not from Queenie) on how to handle the situation and listens to Wilson. He is a computer and video game geek.

Queenie – Davie’s Grandmother / Kathy Haggard
… is very verbose and self-assured and is determined that Davie will be a great rider like his grandfather. Queenie is the voice of reason in the barn … it's all about the kids. She believes kindness and honesty are always the best policy, she believes in commitment and respect. She and her husband Bill, an ex-steeplechase rider, have their own money and are independent. They are very social and connected to the wealthy Nashville scene.  They love their horses and treat them as family members. Cocktail hour is at the end of the day … everyday rain or shine. They live up the road from the barn.

Wilson – Irish Head Groom / Michael Bradley
… is the “Show Turnout King” (he prepares horses immaculately for the competition they are in) - he is “the man” - when a horse is detailed (show groomed … much like an expensive sports car) by Wilson … nobody can compete against him. He talks to horses telling them how “stunning” they will look when they step into the show ring. He has some very cool tattoos.  He has a great relationship with Davie.  He gives Davie confidence and tips on how to handle Rosie and the new love of his life Lily, a student of Roger’s. Everybody loves Wilson.

Margaret – A Student known around the barn as HW - “horse whipper” / Bethany Gilmer

She is a real bossy little girl with a totally southern accent - always chatting and giving instructions. She thinks she knows more than she knows.  She doesn't look after her horse but she is very good at identifying people who can help her or do it for her.  She is always late.  She is all over the place, shirt untucked, boots unzipped looking like a mess just as her horse generally looks. Her horse is semi-ruined, but her daddy is very proud of her. Margaret usually bursts out crying after losing her temper when she doesn’t get her way.

KayLee – Tenant who lives in the cottage next to the barn / Dana Wachtel
Kaylee is a bit of a wild card. She practices Christian-Buddism with a Hindu New Age slant. She is scared of horses but thinks of them as cosmic and ethereal creatures and has an anthropomorphic view of them. Those who don't know about horses generally believe her, those that do, think she's a nut. Every now and then she nails what’s going on with a horse or a person, much to everybody's amazement. She is airy fairy about all the animals and everybody in general. Kaylee is a drama queen and needs a lot of understanding and attention.

Bryan – An old school friend of Jenny’s who is now her lawyer / Allen O Battle III                                                                                                                                              ...  sees himself as a player and is always dressed in expensive attire … flashy suits, Gucci shoes and has his hair jelled.  He drives a Porsche. He is infatuated with Jenny and the prospects of her alimony. Horses don't like him. He's afraid of them and wants Jenny to press on and do other things with him. He offers help, but it’s always with an ulterior motive. The kids see through him and complain that he is creepy.

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