Cast - Minor Characters

Cast - Minor Characters:

Katie – Jakes’s feisty fiancé / Tina Thomis
Katie comes from a Dressage background so it is a little difficult for her in a Jumper Barn. She is very much in love with Jake. Katie has good intuition and has the ability to get a very good read on people early on in the game. She is quiet and usually gives people their space until confronted … then she can be calculating and extremely hot tempered.

Carrie – Sarah’s Mother / Amanda Bailey
A home wrecker, after having two failed marriages she feels at liberty to consider anybody and everybody as fair game, whether they are in or out of a relationship. She is middle aged and has three kids. She makes no bones about her intentions and is extremely eye communicative.  She is a master at drawing attraction to her best assets, her lips, face, perfectly blown dry blond hair and her perfumed cleavage. She brings her lovers around to the barn to show off her latest catch and purrs with pride in doing so. She has her eye on Roger.

Lily – Daughter of a vendor of Jake’s.
Lily is a natural rider.  She has ridden since she was a little girl and has an untrained but exceptional riding ability. Jake has invited her to take lessons at the barn. She meets Davie and Rosie.  Davie falls hard for her and she thinks he is “really cute”.  She offers to help him with his riding and he is on cloud nine. 

Muscle – Lee’s boyfriend / Not cast for pilot
He is a body builder of immense proportions and drives a Harley.  Muscle is a man of few words – he flexes and muscles walks and looks generally uncomfortable most of the time. He loves to picks up Kalee with one arm. He has a monotone high-pitched voice.

Bryan – An old school friend of Jenny’s who is now her lawyer / Allen O Battle III
He sees himself as a player and is always dressed in expensive attire … flashy suits, Gucci shoes and has his hair jelled.  He drives a Porsche. He is infatuated with Jenny and the prospects of her alimony. Horses don't like him. He's afraid of them and wants Jenny to press on and do other things with him. He offers help, but it’s always with an ulterior motive. The kids see through him and complain that he is creepy.

Justin – Sarah’s older brother / Micheal Longstreth
Justin is the “dude” about town. Young, very impressionable, extremely knowledgeable, in a modern day kid sense. He is “totally digital”. He is not a farm boy and has no knowledge of large animals such as horses. He works part-time, is connected with a band and has recently bought a BMW.  He is very proud of his new car. He is Mr. Polo – shirt, cap and shorts and underwear. He adores Sarah and his new found love … Katie, Jake’s fiancé.

Ricky – Ella’s Dad / Doug Rian
Ricky is going through a tough time and is starting to loose hair on the side of his head. He now wears a baseball cap to cover it up. He is going through a mid-life crisis. Being so caught up in his own problems he and Jenny can't relate to one another any more. Ricky has had to close his advertising company and is in “freak out” mode financially.  He is a self-made man and doesn’t want to rely on Jenny’s father for help.

The Barn Brats - Twins / Cindy & Mindy and their cohort, Emma / Kacie Greer, Kaitlyn Greer and Maddy Renner

The Barn Brats hate Ella.  Ella always beats them at horse show competitions and is more popular than them at school.  They look for any opportunity to embarrass or to undermine Ella especially with riding. The twins are identical in their looks and in their thinking. They even finish each other’s sentences talking at the same time.  Emma’s mother and Jenny are friendly and that makes Emma very weak in the eyes of the twins.

Younge Students - Rachel Ann Novak / Sydney Olson / Emily St John

Ring Marshalls - Steve Frohilick / Amy Brand


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