Scarlet Spurs: Plot
Scarlet Spurs setting is a small competition barn outside of Nashville, TN.

The plot follows our central character, Ella, who has won the jeweled “Scarlet Spurs” as the best rider at the barn for the year.

Ella is working hard to become a Grand Prix rider, in spite of the interference of the barn brats, twins Cindy & Mindy and their friend Emma, who try to embarrass and harass her. The brats are jealous of Ella because she consistently gets placed in horse shows above them and has a better horse.

There is tension between Ella’s parents. Her father has lost his business which is causing problems in the marriage and her mother has been consulting a divorce attorney.

The barn’s owner and trainer is Jake. He is a South African guy that now lives in America and is engaged to Katie, a very feisty young woman who helps with the chores and management of the barn.

Wilson is the Irish groom who is famous as the “turn out” king among the show crowd. He is an expert at grooming a horse for big shows and he is very proud of himself and thinks he is a real prize.

We add to this the shenanigans of her older brother, who has a crush on Katie and challenges Jake at every opportunity, and the day-to-day goings on of the other clients at the barn.